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You & the power of “We.”


We all care about the world we live and work in. But as a problem solver, you probably keep at it until you resolve it, right? We’re the same.

We are a highly collaborative and diverse company. This team mindset brings success in business and helps us make the biggest impact. You will have the opportunity to join with thousands of your global colleagues working to solve community issues through volunteerism. But mobilizing our employees to give their time is just one piece of our program. To help our local schools and non-profits do what they do best, we also provide grants where our employees volunteer and to organizations that apply through our competitive grant process. By focusing our efforts on STEM education, hunger relief and environmental preservation we seek to form community partnerships that solve real-world problems.

Global Responsibility

When disasters happen, we respond. By matching employee donations dollar-for-dollar, we double our impact at times when our communities need it most. And we don’t stop there. Throughout the year, you can participate in localized events that impact the top environmental issues facing the communities closest to your heart. Whether it’s releasing baby turtles in Malaysia, cleaning beaches in California, or helping to preserve parks in Japan your impact on the world we live and work in is real.

Caring for Community

Our employee volunteer program, known as We.care, was designed to let you step away from your desk to join your colleagues in creating a better world. Just last year, our employees filled thousands of backpacks for underserved and underprivileged children, served food to the homeless, and cleaned up nature preserves. But it didn’t stop there. We provided 1.5 million meals to help end hunger – you’ll help us provide even more. We also walked to raise awareness around illnesses, made gifts to bring joy to sick children, and assembled care kits for kittens – all because these are the issues that matter most to our employees across the world.

Education & Empowerment

Do you believe in unlimited potential and new possibilities? We do! And we also believe that every student deserves an opportunity to explore their potential & passions regardless of their economic status, gender or background. The Western Digital Scholarships for STEM fund seeks to level the playing field by providing financial assistance to underprivileged youth, as well as women and underrepresented populations seeking a 4-year degree in a STEM field. Our global goal is to make what’s possible for some, possible for many more.